King Bowl I | Claim the crown


In the Netherlands the end of April is always buzzing with excitement as we celebrate the King's birthday. To share these festivities with our (inter)national fiends we have taken it upon us organise the King Bowl flag football tournament. A 5 on 5 non-contact international flag football tournament for men’s / mixed teams.

The first edition of this annual event was fully booked. It took place in Utrecht on April 29 and 30, 2017. Hague Hyena's won the King Bowl 2017 after a thrilling last second victory over Mayhem Flag Football, 27-24. Below you can find the final results of the 2017 edition and a play by play video of the final.

These are the full results:

01. Hague Hyenas (NL) 10. Nancy Tigers (FRA)
02. USA Mayhem (USA) 11. Warsaw Wombats (POL)
03. Charleroi Coal Miners (BEL) 12. United Athletes (NL)
04. Purmerend Barbarians I (NL) 13. Pink Bulls (NL)
05. Utrecht Dominators (NL) 14. Cologne Pandas (GER)
06. Mainz Legionaries (GER) 15. Bunnik Bandits (NL)
07. Purmerend Barbarians II (NL) 16. Red Flag Magdeburg (GER)
08. Düsseldorf Bullies (GER) 17. Flagging Molly (NL)
09. Villenueve d'Ascq Vikings (FRA) 18. Team America (USA)

Registration for the 2018 King Bowl opens October 2017. If you have any questions you can email us at: